The idea itself is a simple one. Harness the power, speed, and technological advances of the new century – Digital Video Technology, DVD-ROM data storage capacities, and the power of the Internet – to create an integrated travel guide that brings the best of a city right to the viewer’s living room or desktop.

First, there is the DVD itself, which is a 40-45 minute tour of the best each featured city has to offer. And each Insight project is unique– no cookie cutter approach here. Every city is extensively researched, and filmed using a local videographer who has been chosen for his extensive knowledge of the area.

We also work with the leading local attractions themselves to bring you up close and personal. Then, after watching the DVD, viewers can head to their computers for even more information. On the DVD disk itself are DVD-ROM assets, which may include maps of various locations, money-saving coupons, and high-resolution photos. The last stop is here,, where details and contact information on every location featured on the DVD is available, with even more maps and weblinks to make travel planning a snap. That’s the Insight we’re talking about – continually updated and improved to enhance your travel experience.

Insight Media Services grew out of a collaboration between two former college roommates. After graduating from the University of Minnesota in the 1980s, the two friends went their separate ways. One entered the business world with one of the Twin Cites’ largest corporations and traveled extensively throughout the US and overseas. The other moved to Los Angeles and got a Master’s degree from the USC film school and went on to work as a freelance writer and educator, working for such diverse outlets as Film History magazine, Encyclopedia Britannica, and the A&E television series Biography.

As part of their work, they both found themselves traveling a lot, and were frustrated by the lack of quality information on destination cities and what they have to offer the busy traveler. “We were relying on a lot of 20th century ways to get information about the places we were visiting,” recalled the partners, “while technology was offering us the chance to go so far beyond the traditional dog-eared guidebook or the time-consuming Internet searches. That’s where we came up with the idea for Insight Media Services.”

As the idea for the business took shape, the partners saw that it truly was possible to combine their passions. As one of them put it, “We love making these DVDs and making your travel experience a richer one. And we hope you love watching them. We welcome and encourage your feedback.”

About Us

We know you are busy, and you want to make the most of every moment. We appreciate these facts and strive to make your travel planning and experience easier and more productive.

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